Circular Economy

The newest business thinking focuses on the concept of a circular economy. This is a generic term for an industrial economy that by design or intention is producing no waste or pollution.[1]


Check out the video below to learn more about the circular economy.


Most of the materials in our products consist of plastics that contain pre-consumer, re-used and re-purposed ABS plastics.[2]

  • Our products are…
    • extremely durable and, at the end of their life cycle, recyclable via an ASTM International Resin Identification Code #7,
    • manufactured in a manner that minimizes waste - all manufacturing waste is re-ground and re-used, and
    • designed to facilitate the re-use of cardboard boxes within manufacturing, storage, transportation and distribution facilities.
  • Our products will…
    • reduce company’s costs for tape and its environmental costs for disposal
    • help businesses infuse circular economy thinking in the “vertical integration” within their “closed loop systems.”
  • Our team…
    • will provide site feasibility and assessment services for the use of our products and
    • believes in education and will train your trainers to train your employees to use them

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[2] To maximize their function, durability and color purity, the rest must be made of virgin super tough nylon or ABS.